4pcs Metallic Nail Polish Set

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High quality metallic nail polish, you can use it with metal polish to get the same mirror effect as chrome powder.


Suitable for natural nails, fake nails, acrylic nails, nail tips, etc.


Long lasting, with nail varnish, more durable


Quick drying, 2 layers of nail polish can be completely dry in less than 5 minutes, saving manicure time


How to use:

1. Polish the nail surface

2, nail base oil, to be completely dry

3, shake vigorously before use, apply metallic nail polish, to be completely dry

4, apply nail polish varnish, the perfect metal mirror effect will come out

Tip: Use this metallic nail polish alone, not used with mirror polish, the mirror effect can not get 100% chrome mirror powder mirror effect



Type:Metallic Nail Polish Set ,

4 color/set Color:

material: Glass Net

content: 8ml / per can

Gross weight: 120g/0.27Ib

Packing size: 10.5x2.6x8cm/4.14x1.02x3.15in



4 pcs Plating Metallic Nail Polish Set