Clip On Silicone Colander

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Our clip-on colander will take the strain out of straining. This top quality heat-resistant, silicone colander is the newest, most practical way to get your food strained thoroughly while avoiding transferring the food out of the pot. It is flexible enough to fit onto nearly all pots, pans, and bowls. It snaps on neatly with two clips. The clips’ strong grip will keep it safely attached while in use and can be left attached to the pot while cooking. Once snapped the pot can be tilted over a sink or bowl and the colander will do the trick. The liquids will be poured out while the food remains in the pot, even with heavier foods like potatoes.


Easy to use, the strong-grip clip will keep the colander in place even when straining heavy foods. It allows you to grip the pot or pan with both hands while straining, eliminating awkward spills.


Completely BPA Free, and Dishwasher safe. Made from top-quality silicone only the original Snap’n Strain will have the durability to last for many years. Will withstand straining of heavier foods like potatoes.


Designed spout to help remove excess water. Snaps onto nearly all size pots, pans and bowls, big and small. Attaches easily with two clips.


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    Posted by Terry on 23rd Oct 2019

    This simple design is awesome. More convenient, safe, and flexible than an average strainer. I like it a lot. The one size fits all concept is perfect too. Thanks for speedy delivery also.

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    Posted by Swtmama on 16th Oct 2019

    This strainer is so much easier to use over a traditional bowl strainer. Easier to clean & store also!

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    Posted by Regina79 on 15th Oct 2019

    Easy to use, the c,ips are a little tight to use on a thicker pan, but works. Is a good buy

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    Jenny C

    Posted by Jenny C on 13th Oct 2019

    I actually love this clever little strainer! I didn't think I would, but I use it all the time because it's so handy and easy to clean. Honestly, everyone should have one.

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    Samantha C

    Posted by Samantha C on 9th Oct 2019

    Pleasantly surprised the product works as expected. I was nervous tipping the pot over the sink half expecting the contents to spill over. Woo hoo. Success. Very happy with the ease of use. 

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    Posted by Taylor on 5th Oct 2019

    Love that it takes up less space than a full size strainer, less to wash, clamps on to pots/pans/etc.

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    Sam Ricardo

    Posted by Sam Ricardo on 3rd Oct 2019

    The package came on time. The product looks just as I expected. I wouldn't have minded a small diagram of how to put it on correctly. I finally figured it out but instructions would have helped. 

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    Jill Riley

    Posted by Jill Riley on 22nd Sep 2019

    I love that I don't have to use an entire strainer, I just use this little thing and it's quick and easy to use. then just throw it in the dishwasher.

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    G. Ritter

    Posted by G. Ritter on 18th Sep 2019

    Purchased for myself- love it! Saves me in the kitchen! Have purchased more for family and friends after they saw me use it.