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Panera Bread brings comfort food to the masses through its delicious menu. The aroma of freshly baked bread is the first sensation you’ll experience upon stepping into a Panera Bread location. Panera Bread brings a home-made touch to their tables by their belief that food should be sustainable as well as savored and enjoyed.


There are soup bowls to warm the soul, and tea or coffee to energize your day. They even offer mac and cheese plates to bring you right back to Grandma’s kitchen. No matter how many calories you consume, your Panera Bread experience is guilt- free due to their environmentally-conscious policies on animal welfare and palm oil sourcing. Want to bring Panera Bread home? They’ve got products to-go as well as products they can provide to your local grocer. Panera Bread also shares its best recipes for you to try at home for yourself. There are so many ways to enjoy the Panera Bread brand.


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