17 Keys Solid Mahogany Wood Thumb Piano

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Fun Thumb Piano: It has 17 Steel Keys and 2 Vibrato Holes.The metal keys are mounted on a wooden box that acts as the resonating chamber. As you play you can uncover and cover the vibrato holes as you like to create personalized tones. Perfect for Beginners and Children.

Music Enlightenment: Simply pluck the kalimba tines to play, and practice your finger flexibility and coordination. Easy to learn and easy to explore and cultivate your musical talent. Suit for children to cultivate musical talent and adults like music. It's recommended for travelling, party, relaxing etc.

Easy to Operation: Even without music foundation or operational experience is be okay. Just hold the kalimba in your hand, and use your thumbs to play the keys. you can easily get great music based on the music book we provide and the musical notes on the keys.


Product description

Kalimba is a national musical instrument with ethnic characteristics in Africa.It is said that the music played by this instrument not only can drive away the evil spirits of the patient, but also play the role of praying for rain. Kalimba is mainly used for accompaniment. Holding the Kalimba body with both hands and then play with two thumbs in playing. When the thumb is pressed and released, the steel sheet will vibrate and make a sound.


Maximum Polyphony : 16 
Number of Demo Song: Less than 11
Number of Keys: 17
Number of Tone: 17
Weight (kg): 0.263
Colour:Wood color
Key Material: Minerla Steel
Body Material: Oguman Wood

Package included:

1 x Kalimba thumb piano
1 x Storage bag
2 x Sticker
1 x Tune Hammer
1 x Kalimba instructions book