Neck Pain Relief Pillow

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  • Lightweight and easy to use

  • Comfortable and non-threatening

  • Adjustable universal size for most men and women

  • Application: People who spend long time on computers, cars

  • NOTES: This comfortable and easy to use neck cervical traction device elongates neck muscles, often resulting in rapid and prolonged relief from the soreness and irritation.

  • Slowly increase pressure in order to enhance the effect of traction Inflation should be gradual and not excessive

  • During the use of airbags, avoid contact with hard objects. Don't let the product close to high-temperature heat

How to use it:

  • 1. Tight the air valve first.

  • 2. Push the blocker to the large end of blocker holder.

  • 3. Simply place the air Neck Traction device around your neck, use the inflation pump to slowly raise the pressure to a comfortable stretch, then push the blocker to the small end of blocker holder.

  • 4. At the beginning use it with low pressure for 5 ~ 10 minutes, and within a few days feel a positive body response, increase to up to 20 to 25 minutes.

  • 5. When finished using, push the blocker to the large end of the blocker holder and loose the air valve, should be released slowly.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Headache Back Shoulder Pain Cervical Traction Device